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With a growing amount of interest surrounding the life enhancing benefits of meditation, science and research has been able to play an important role in providing us with the knowledge and technology to optimize our meditation practice in a modern world.

Brainwave entrainment is a sound based therapy technique that has been used to induce deeper states of consciousness since ancient civilizations. By integrating audio therapy with ancient meditation techniques associated with rhythmic stimulation such as shaman chanting and ritualistic drumming, there has been some amazing advances in modern methods of meditation. 

Now more than ever we are able to experience the benefits of having access to healthy meditative states and enhanced energy. This is achieved through what is referred to as spiritual technology.



There are five basic brainwave frequencies that are always active in the brain. These include Beta, Alpha, Theta, Gamma and the Delta frequencies. The dominant frequency state at any given time is determined by the degree of activity in the brain.

Different brainwave patterns correlate with your state of mind and also how your body is interacting and experiencing each moment.

Theta – deep relaxation, meditation, mental imagery, intuition, vivid memory.

Gamma – focus, advanced learning, inspiration, pure awareness, love and compassion.

Beta – fully awake, alertness, helps achieve peak performance, normal waking state.

Alpha – calm, flow, engaged with moment, creativity, relaxed awareness.

Delta – immersed in subconscious, healing, deep, dreamless sleep.

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Your mind alternates between these different states naturally with changes in your environment and level of consciousness that you are experiencing. Meditation can influence this natural occurring frequency from one state to another — your mind can be slowed down to relax from stress,  or stimulated to induce creative thinking and intense focus.

It has also been proven that achieving advanced levels of higher consciousness is very attainable, but can also be a very long, challenging, disciplined journey.

In neuroscience, it is has been found that it is possible to induce alternate states of consciousness when exposed to specific audio patterns. This is the science that gives rise to brainwave entrainment.

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What Is Brainwave Entrainment?

Brainwave entrainment can be any method that aims to activate and enhance brainwave cycles through the use of rhythmic stimulation. The level of stimulation must match the desired brain state. In order to achieve a specific state of mind, brainwave technology involves the use of certain techniques such as sound, vibration or light (such as solar energy) to enhance what was referred to by ancient civilizations as altered states of consciousness.

Use of sound is preferred among the three methods since sound is a much more of a mind-receptive tool.

In meditation, brainwave entrainment technology may be just the thing for the spiritual seeker aiming to enhance their practice. The popularity of this spiritual transormation is on the rise as more and more people embrace meditation.

This audio therapy is now known as a comfortable way to attain full relaxation while accessing deeper levels of meditation.

To experience these lucid states of relaxation and higher consciousness simply get comfortable, put on your headphones and immerse yourself into the moment.

History and Development of Brainwave Entrainment

The modern form of brainwave entrainment research was first documented by an American researcher by the name of Robert Monroe. His research was based on the altered states of consciousness he was able to demonstrate by combining specific sound frequencies — two different frequencies thorugh each year, now known as 'binaural beats.'  He was also able to use optimized sound to induce specific mind states depending on which binaural frequencies the brain was exposed to.

In 1991, Michael Hutchison advanced this research with fantastic results. He was able to prove beyond reasonable doubt that this technology indeed produced the desired results of altered consciousness among many other amazing benefits such as the ability to imporve focus, increase energy, and induce extremely deep levels of meditative sleep.

These earlier researchers paved the way for more advanced progress as more innovators and contributers aimed to perfect this technology. Through these advances audio therapy, companies like iAwake Technologies were able to make meditation more accessible.

Using Brainwave Entrainment to Alter Consciousness

The main reason for the technology’s positive reputation is its availability and ease of use. By availability we mean very affordable, hence why so many people are using it.

In fact, all you need is a digital device like your cell phone and a pair of headphones. These pieces of equipment, along with some dedicated time to yourself, are all you need to experience brainwave entrainment.

You should start by sitting comfortably for one or 2 minutes, take a few deep breaths before putting on the headphones and pressing play. Allow the embedded technology in the soundtrack to penetrate your moment and gently envelope your mind.

The infused soundtrack technology takes over by inducing the desired brainwave level. All you need to do is surrender and fall into the vibration of the moment.

Integrity Issues Associated With Brainwave Entrainment Technology

Use of brainwave entrainment in mediation is raising some concern among some of the spiritually advanced practitioners. The issue of whether brainwave technology in meditation is ethical and fair is one that needs to be addressed.

One argument is that those using this technology cheat their way through meditation by taking a short cut route and avoiding all the hard work. This argument cannot be any further from the real deal.

The truth is that the technology only facilitates you to go deeper into your meditation session. The principles of meditation are still neccessary. This includes self-control, a relaxed mind, discipline, and consistency. You are still the one doing the meditation and if you want the desired results you must practice.

In the realest sense, brainwave entrainment technology improves your strength in spiritual practice by eliminating external disturbances that would otherwise cause turbulance in your mind. 

Brainwave Entrainment Moving Forward

A lot of new research is being conducted on this technology to understand and improve it. With the increasing worldwide realization of the benefits of meditation, the need for a more advanced form of technology is on the rise.

Several technology companies are trying out new combinations to improve on the already existing brainwave entrainment technology. Significant breakthroughs such as the combination of brainwave technology with other principles like natural psychoacoustic methodology only serve as a testimony of what is to come soon.

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