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    We have seen a few cases of "nearly free floating thrombus" in proximal descending thoracic aorta which has resolved in about 3 months after anticoagulation alone. Your case is different in that there is a saccular aneurysm, + she has had embolization ...

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    Hello Dr. Settembrini, If I'm interpreting the picture right, it looks like a saccular aneurysm with a tail of thrombus coming off of it? Whenever I've had aortic thrombus, it takes months on anticoagulation to resolve-a few days would not likely lead ...

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    I recently had a similar patient. I used 1% polocaine at the same concentration that i typically use 1% lidocaine. Pain control was as good as it normally is with this. ------------------------------ John Baber, MD, MBA jtbaber@gmail.com -------- ...

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