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    Omid, I agree with your final line that we should have a more objective evidence-based definition. However, many of the comments regarding CLTI where there is already ulceration or necrosis would suggest that hemodynamic considerations may not necessarily ...

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    Omid, Good question. A wealth of info in Chapter 1 of the Global Vascular Guidelines on this topic. For perhaps helpful context, here is the definition we used in BEST-CLI: Arterial insufficiency with gangrene, a non-healing ischemic ulcer, or rest ...

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    RE: CLTI Definition

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    There is no magic number below which something is CLTI on "objective" testing. And you encourage "REPORT.BASED.MEDICINE." A short missive: ABI 0.49 (no symptoms) -report says severe -referred to local "limb salvage facility" and angiogram, treated, ...

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