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15 Bizarre and Lesser-Known Cat Breeds - 2021 Guide

Though cats and dogs are considered to be extremely common emotional support animals and pets, there are some animal breeds that are lesser-known, or very few people know about them. This happens in both cats and dogs and we are still unaware of a number of breeds of these animals.

Cats make great pets and emotional support animals and there are a number of cat breeds that are still unknown to many people. However, no matter what breed it is, you will need to get a valid and genuine ESA letter to bring it home.

Below, we have listed some of the unique cat breeds that will make a great addition to your household and will earn some serious eyeballs from your guests.

Sphynx Cat

When we talk about unique and rare cat breeds, nothing could beat the Sphynx cat. This cat is probably the only cat breed that is completely hairless and other hairless cat breeds are bred through it. They have large eyes and ears and you will have to groom them diligently to avoid excessive oil on the skin.

The American Curl Cat

On the first look, these cats may seem like usual cats but on a closer look, you will notice that these cats have slightly curled ears. This is what makes them different from other cats. However, an ESA letter for housing is necessary if you are considering this cat as your ESA.

The American Wirehair Cat

These cats are rare and you are hardly likely to see them every day. These cats have wiry and curly coats and this gives them a distinct look and appearance.

Cornish Rex

At first look, these cats look like the Sphynx cat but when looked closely, you will see that they are not entirely hairless. They have down like fine hair that gives them their signature look.

Egyptian Mau Cats

These cats look like miniature versions of leopards, thanks to their spotted skin and coat. These cats have dog-like personalities and they make excellent guard cats also. For the people who are thinking of getting this cat as an ESA, make sure that you check an emotional support dog letter online to know the difference between a fake and a real letter.

Kurilian Bobtail Cat

The breed has originated from the Kuril Islands that are on the off coasts of Russia and Japan. It has a distinct look and a tail that looks like it has been cut off.

LaPerm Cat

Just look at the curly and perm-like hair of the cat and you will know what we are talking about. These cats are rare and comparatively costly also.

Manx Cat

These cats are easily distinguished and recognized with their complete absence of a tail. Some Manx kittens are born with various sized tails but mostly, these cats are tailless.

Norwegian Forest Cat

As the name suggests, these cats are from Norway and they are one of the largest cat breeds. They have impressively large faces and they are big domestic cats. However, when working towards getting an ESA letter for it, make sure that you check an ESA letter sample to know about the details that go in it.

Pixie Bob Cat

These cats have small bob-like tails and some even say that they are a cross between a house cat and a bobcat. No matter what the reason, these cats have a truly distinct look.

Munchkin Cat

These cats are the dachshunds of the cat family. They are categorized for their extremely short legs and having one walking in front of you would be a true delight. Given its delightful and unique look, many people want to get the cat as a pet and ESA.

When getting it as an ESA, many letter providers misguide the people by telling them that they need an emotional support animal registration. All you need is an ESA letter and only a fake service will tell you to register your animal.

Snowshoe Cat

These cats have a very different kind of look and if you ever saw one, you know that they are easily recognizable with their white toes and unusual face.

Singapura Cat

These cats have originated from Singapore. They are recognizable from their large eyes and ears and their unusual tail and coat.

Teacup Persian Cat

These cats are the miniature versions of Persian cats and are great for people living in apartments or small spaces. They take less space and they make ideal house pets and ESAs.

Khao Manee

These cats are not only one of the rarest cat breeds but they are also one of the most expensive cat breeds in the world. Usually, these cats have dual colored eyes and snow-white coats. These cats are extremely beautiful also.

Before getting any of the breeds as an ESA, it is important to get a genuine ESA letter and you can get it online also. How to get an ESA letter online? Find a genuine letter provider, fill in their questionnaire and pass the screening test. If qualified, they will mail your letter directly to you.