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Top Friendly ESA Dogs That You Can Bring Home

Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) support their human companions when they suffer from issues related to their mental disabilities. This disability can range from anxiety to Post Traumatic Stress disorder. People with these mental difficulties find the presence of a pet animal around them as calming and stress relieving. It is scientifically proven that through just the act of petting an animal the stress-inducing hormones are reduced and the person feels relaxed and calm. 

Dogs are one of the most common ESAs, and with an ESA letter for dogsyou too can have a pet dog as your support animal. Dogs are accustomed companions to humans and suit well with them in almost all environments and lifestyles, thanks to the various breeds and types of dogs that you can choose from.

For an ESA you should bring into your household a dog that has the characteristics which match your lifestyle. It is crucial for the pet dog to be easily trainable, adaptable to new environments, and highly sociable and friendly. 

How to get your ESA letter?

Before getting a dog to become your ESA dog you should see if you qualify to become an ESA handler. You can do this in two ways, either through face to face consultation with a licensed mental health specialist or through an online service that provides online consultation.

For in-person consultation, you will have to sit through various sessions so that the specialist can access your condition thoroughly. If the specialist comes to the conclusion that you suffer from a mental health illness then s/he will prescribe you an ESA by providing you with a signed and authorized ESA letter.

The same letter can be acquired through the online ESA letter providing services. However, here you will be assessed through questionnaires and online assessments, and the letter will be mailed to you if you are deemed to require an ESA. 

Top ESA dog breeds

With the ESA you can travel by air with your pet (exempt of any pet-fee) alongside you in the passenger compartment, and also live hassle-free on a rental property that has a no-pet policy, under the federal laws of the Air Carrier Access Act and Fair Housing Act respectfully. 

It is, however, useful to have a pet animal that is obedient, trained, and friendly while taking advantage of the provisions for ESAs and the ESA handlers. 

Here is a list of dog breeds that fit the bill:

Labrador Retriever

Labs are the most popular of all hypoallergenic dogs breeds. It is not hard to see why: they are highly trainable, friendly, and all-rounder dogs. The labs can be your outdoor companion, going on hiking, trail running, camping, and other activities with you. It is adaptable to indoor living where it can patiently lay at your feet or on the sofa and can also engage you in various indoor games. Moreover, it’s good at being around children and other pets.

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terriers are top dogs for people who live in apartments and can’t invest much time in exercising their pet dog outdoors. Yorkshire doesn’t require lots of space and also doesn’t need a lot of daily exercises; you can fulfill the daily exercise needs by some indoor activities. They are most happy to be around their ESA handler and love to show affection sitting beside them or on their laps.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier is a low-energy dog that is suitable to be an ESA dog for a person who needs a dog that doesn’t require much space and lots of exercises. The Cavalier is an affectionate dog that is known for its good looks and its bold character. You will find it as a perfect quiet lap-dog, most happy when around you. 

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