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Narrative essay Vs. Descriptive essay: Highlighting the differences

Students often contemplate academic writing as a daunting affair to write my essay. There are several essay types, and each essay has a unique importance. There is a thin line among various essays that distinguish one essay from another. Sometimes, students mingle the concept of a specific essay with another essay. Consequently, the students get stuck in the middle while creating a detailed writing piece or fretting out.

The same is the case with narrative essay writing and descriptive essay writing. There is a minor difference in both essays. Mostly, the students at the initial stage of academic writing often mix the main theme of both essays. Ultimately, it ruins the entire writing effort of a scribbler. Therefore, students need to learn the primary concept and differences between them.

What is Narrative essay writing?

It is a genre of academic writing that demands an essay help to share a significant life experience. It urges a student to narrate an event, incident, or a condition before the targeted audience that forces the readers to act regarding it.

It is the utmost responsibility of a scribbler to plot the scene of the situation by involving the sensory details. Doing so is not as easy as falling off a log. Rather, it requires a student to have extraordinary writing skills.

Furthermore, a writer must critically analyze all the characters that are involved in the event. At this stage, the author must apply a filter so that it cannot exclude all the irrelevant or less important elements from the essay.

It is also compulsory for a student to mark down the series of events in chronological order. It plays a vital role in managing and organizing the text easily. The narrative essay also demands an essay composer to put down the climax and sensationalize the event. It makes the text more compelling and exciting.

Understanding the theme of Descriptive essay writing

It is another genre of academic legit essay writing service. It also urges a scribbler to involve the sensory details and draw a moving picture of the scene. The author needs to include the sensory details in the text. Moreover, as its name implies, the descriptive essay demands an essay creator to describe a thing, place, or person. However, a particular subject in the topic should have high significance for both a writer and the reader.

It is expedient to mention here that if the author does not have an emotional attachment with the subject, it cannot compose a top-notch descriptive writing piece.

Differences between narrative essay and descriptive essay

There are a few differences between both essays that are essential for the students to learn. Only then can they develop a better understanding of both essays.

  1. The narrative essay urges the readers to take action regarding the situation. However, no such thing is required in descriptive essay writing.
  2. A student must narrate the real-life event in chronological order while composing a narrative essay. In contrast, there is no limitation in putting forward the series of events in chronological order.
  3. The narrative essay consists of the real-life event, whereas the descriptive essay requires a writer to explain a place, person, or thing.

It is imperative to mention here that establishing a better understanding of the topic is one of the most critical points in academic writing. Also, the author should follow the process of brainstorming before putting pen to paper.

The neophyte writers often make a mistake of ignoring the importance of prewriting and post writing measures. Consequently, in cheap research paper writing service, they don't get the desired grades. Therefore, students need to give equal importance to all the predefined rules related to essay writing.

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